i had them hemorrhoids removed, two on external and internal too. before surgery i didnt feel the pain but it was like i was bleeding bt it i could handle it the problems started after the surgery the doctor removed the external rhoids and then he inserted this cloth in the anus soaked with chemicals to cut the blood supply to these muscles(rhoids) also burn the rhoids(internal ones) and he told me to remove it the following day. after five hours i woke up in pain i begged this nurse to give me pain killers bt they ddnt seem to work. it was the worst pain ever because those chemicals were burning my ass and also the wounds and the large cloth cloth inserted i was in pain and i couldnt withstand that pain till morning, i removed that cloth on 2 am morning and had a first bm, i thought i was going to die and i started to believe that im not even closer to relief. so aftet bm the pains werent hard to handle bt every bm after surgery became the worst bt i could move place to place and i could sit then i had this swelling it was hard and shiny and i was told that its part of the healing process bt i was in pain and i couldnt walk or sit only lying on a bed my ass facing up. it took one week and the swelling diminished leaving this little swelling bt non painful glad to know that it is just scar or skin tag now i can go back to work