I am 44 year old female and I had THD done on 12/14/2016.

I actually had traditional hemorhoidectomy about 8 years ago but they came back and when I went to see my doctor, he told me there was new procedure called THD. It was my external hemorrhoid that was bothering and did not want to go through traditional surgery again


To make long story short, I had THD done and my recovery was not so bad similar to original post by GM. First night was worst but tramadol took care of pain and i had BM the next day.

With metamucil and mineral oil my doctor recommended, i was having very frequent BM and at times, pain was very bad but it was manageable and within 5 days, i felt much better and i cut down on fiber and stopped mineral oil and my BM frequency went back to my normal about 1-2 times a day. It was still sore but i was able to manage with tylenol. I was able to resume normal activity and even went to New York for girls trip.

But now i feel like i have small external hemorrhoid prolapsing and it seems to be getting bigger.

i saw my doctor last week and he said it may still shrink with time but he also said it might not.. which was very negative news for me.

I don't know if it was due to me walking around New York for a day and not resting off my feet or was it just that procedure failed somehow?

I was not pushing too hard during BM and just can't understand why i would have this small hemmy after fast recovery. What my doctor told me, it can take up to 3-6 months for full recovery, i was just not convinced..

Has anyone experienced similar situation as mine? Would it shrink over time or am i left with another external hemorrhoid? 

I would be really upset if it is not swelling but another hemorrhoid.. after all, it was still quite painful to go through THD and i really dont want to deal with external hemorrhoid after having two surgeries in less than 10 years.

Anyone's comment would really help me. Thanks