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Okay, so I am 15 years old and me and my boyfriend had sex for the the first time. He is 16. We did not use a condom but he did not ejaculate inside me and he was more than positive he didn't and he claimed he also peed earlier before and did not  masturbate  the night prior. So the chances of precum is little? I took plan b 16 hours after the incident and I got breast tenderness and very mild cramps about 2 days later. The cramps and breast tenderness has stopped now but the has been brown discharge and very very light blood visual when I wipe. Im very scared and I do not want to become pregnant. I plan on not having sex for very long time after this and I regret it a lot. Please help.


Ok, let me share my story, it might give you peace of mind.
On Feb 26 started my period. Had sex march 5, and even though he used a condom half way after we started I was still super worried about precum. Now he has been my boyfriend for 5+ years and in that time we were always super careful and used a condom. Anyways took the generic brand plan b about 9 hours later that same day.

Fastfoward march 12 I had light pink and brown spotting for about 4 days. It got heavier but I only had to wear 1 pad the whole day, so I knew it wasn't my period. I got really worried that was a sign of pregnancy. Anyway I made myself sick just worried I was pregnant.
March 26 waiting for my period to come around. I'm usually so regular. And nope nothing. That whole week I was worried, scared. I didn't eat for 2 days from the stress. March 31 I was so nervous I tool a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I took one everyday after that for A WEEK!!!! all negative, and I still worried.
Finally April 9, two weeks after I was suppose to get my period, I got it.
It was stressful and scary, but trust the pill.
Looking back taking the plan b sounds so silly. I know it is still possible to get pregnant on precum but the chances are so small. Your vagina is basically a giant death trap for the sperm, and even though precum might have sperm, the amount is small that the chances of getting pregnant are slim. Not impossible, for example if your ovulating and your man has like super sperm lol, but very slim.
Now I don't claim to be a professional but from my experience, if you took plan b hopefully you'll be fine.

Ps. Stop reading post on the internet you'll make yourself sick just reading them I did. Once I stopped reading them all my "pregnancy" symptoms that I read about, kind of went away. Reading post can make you so nervous that you'll start to think your pregnant when your not.