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Hey guys, here is my problem.

About a year ago I got myself an eye infection. So I went to the doctors asap and have been given prescription for some eye drops which cured the infection. After that my eye lid on the left eye started to look funny. I went back to the eye clinic, they prescribed me another eye drops but they didn't help. That was all in UK by the way.

Some friends told me to just leave it and it will pass on its own. So when I went back home to Russia I saw doctor there. After some examination he gave me two types of drops and one of them actually cured my eye lid for like a few days but then it came back again. I went to the doctor and he gave me another set of drops and told that this drops are stronger than my previous ones and should do the trick...but it didn't. He said that basically my skin is stretched so it might be permanent which I refuse to believe because he told me the same thing before he gave me first set of eye drops.

So its October now and I still have funny eye lid which is quite annoying...

Here is picture of my LEFT eye(problem eye)

This is my right eye(normal)

About myself:

I'm 19, male, student, Korean but was born and live in Russia. Don't have any conditions or allergies. One think I think I should mention is that I spend quite alot of time in front of the computer, alot meaning 7h+ everyday, don't wear glasses(although i have a pair), don't wear lenses.


That is definitely not permanent and I think what you are best doing is seeing a new doctor to get treatment. How soon can you see one?