Hi guys! I'm 25, male! Yesterday after the MRI I found out that I had disc herniation and disc protrusion and I am really really worried!!!!
My question to you is, according to these pictures, do you think it's big herniation or small herniation, how serious it is, (I mean, are there sizes of that and degrees of damage or something) , same question applies for the disc protrusion... Most important thing I need to know is if in future I don't make any wrong moves(sudden twisting etc) and don't play the ,,wrong sports,, (tennis etc), is it going to worsen with time or it's going to stay the same?

Thing is it doesn't really hurt me unless I make a lot of wrong movements, like, intense dancing 2-3 hours with lots of moves etc. Otherwise I may not feel it for 1-2 years...And after it starts hurting usually the pain is not so strong and goes away in a week.
The disc herniation itself happened when I was 12, when I jumped in the pool, my legs went behind my back...(if you can imagine that, it's like an embryonic position but the other away around( inverted). It was very painful. Since than, it always hurts me when I make the ,,wrong moves,, otherwise it's fine. So considering this, I don't want to do any surgery, I think I should do surgery only if the pain is constant and I can't live with it. But I'm worried that If I leave it like that, it may for no reason just go worse and paralyze my leg or I don't know, because when the pain starts, it goes down on my left leg and I can't really move it a lot.

Thank you for the answers in advance! I will appreciate every single post!

Here are 4 MRI pictures, I hope they are enough, if not, I can upload more pictures of different angles (they gave me CD with lots of pics)