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... been getting swollen eye lids a lot been to doc gave me allergy tablets and cream nothing seems to work ...eyes start inchy at night wake up to one eye like a golf ball top lid ...been checking what ive been eating and drinking ...can red wine do this had few glasses night before ..but the inching stated mid day with no wine 


Hello Donna,

I would suggest you wash all your sheets and especially your pillow cases and blankets. It's best if you use hypoallergenic laundry detergent and stay away from scented laundry soaps. Next I would look at what type of eye make up you are wearing and try going with a hypoallergenic type make up. Physicians formula is a great product and you can get it at any local drugstore or beauty store such as Ulta. It would be a good idea to thoroughly sanitize all your eyeshadow applicators. Then I would switch from red wine to white wine. White wine does not have sulfites in it and on a good note it won't stain your teeth. People have been known to be allergic to sulfites. If it still continues then it's something else in your environment that is causing this. If the swelling goes away, wait a few days and slowly introduce one thing at a time and then wait a few days to see if there is an reaction. As you get older you are body starts to develop allergies to things that you were never allergic to before. Your body is constantly changing so never assume that it can be one thing because you have been exposed to it all your life. Allergies don't work that way.

Oh and never ever touch your eyes or face, not even to rub them. You can easily spread bacteria to your face and eyes that way and some bacteria you can never ever get rid of, you can only treat it everytime it keeps coming back.