My upper eyelid on my right eye along my eyelashes have been hurting me for almost two weeks now. The lower eyelid along my eyelashes began hurting about a week ago. Four days ago the upper lid on my right eye began to swell so I went to the doctor the next day. She prescribed Garamycin eye drops to me and told me to come back it it got worse. The day after that the lower lid on my left eye began to swell and the swelling on my right lid got worse. Today the swelling on both lids are worse, are pretty painful and have began to itch a little (they were never noticeably itchy before). The left eye lid feels like there is something behind it and hurts the most, but when I check there is nothing there. Their is a slight burning sensation when I use the eye drops, is this normal? The doctor's office I went to is closed until Monday.

I do not know if the cause is allergies, an infection or something different altogether. Should I go to another doctor or wait a little longer for the eye drops to work? This is my third day using them.