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i have on several accasions had small pimples developing at my eye lids, also leading to swelling of the eye lids. they also lead to an itching effect. i dont know if i am allergic to something or not. And i dont know what off-the counter medicine i should use,please advise me accordingly and what medication i should take. one other thing is that this small pimple developes at one eye lid at a time,and when it swells,and itches and then cools down,another pimple developes on the same eye side but on different eye lid, or on the other side of the eye.


Have you checked with your doctor about this condition? Pimples on the eye lids are very common but they are usually easy treated and they are not coming back after they have been properly treated.

Usually warm compress is applied few times a day and this helps. Also you shouldn’t touch with dirty hands your eyes or trying to squeeze pimples out but instead you should let them drain out by themselves.

If they reoccur that often maybe you should seek medical attention. Check with your doctor why this is happening and what can you do to prevent it. Also if some infection is in question he should prescribed you some kind of antibiotic cream. Let us know about your progress.