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My Left eye is swollen and appears to be filled with fluid. It drains slowly thoughout the day and is a clear liquid , like tears. I wake up in the morning and it is a t its worse . Very swollen . Throughout the day the swelling reduces but never really goes away. Last year during this time the same thing happened and the swelling remained for like 6 weeks and then it just went away. Now its back again 1 year later . I have been to Opthamologist, Optomotrist, general doctor,  and allergy doctor. None of them could diagnose the problem. I've had Eye drops , ointment , Antbiotics by mouth, Allergy medicine. Nothing seems to help. Has anyone suffered from this or does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be. I have been this way so far for a week and a half.

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I have the same situation where out of the blue, my eyelid starts to swell on the upper lid... I use hot tea bags / ice / apple cider vinegar & honey / advil / hot wash cloths /  polysporin eye drops ( sometimes ) / fennel tea wash / eyebright wash / .... It comes / lasts / goes away... and is UGLY!
I cannot figure it out either... Blepharitis runs on my moms side of the family... I guess I have weak eyes...
It is quite frustrating! Won't do antibiotics or meds... It is a bummer!