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calcium bump on the inside of my upper eye lid, using drops of Garamycin every 4hrs. nearley finished the bottle but it seems to be getting larger. Is there anything I could be doing to help get rid of it ? Thank you Sharon


Hello there Sharon

My sister had the same problem last year and I can tell you right away that there isn’t much you can do on your own. I presume that you haven’t consulted your doctor but you just have bought remedy for calcium deposits around eyes in your local pharmacy and of course this isn’t helping like you were hoping.

At first my sister was trying on her own to get rid of calcium deposits around her eyes. She consulted with her friend who had the same problem and she has told her that the only solution is to apply emollients that will help to soften her skin. She was using olive oil to accomplish this. After washing her face she was gently massaging area around her eyes. I hope this was helpful.