hiys guys i dno if i have a problem but here are some things that have changed about me

=Penis goes lil tender after wanking
=Change of colour of scrotum
=Tenser testicles ( i think unless i neva felt um properly)
=Marks on forskin when rolled back
=When i get hard on i get little things under skin show up ( I have these things on ma lips and mum and dad says they are fat deposits, they will go away on their own, But i had a look and compared to ma penis and they are the same.)

Please Help. Tell me im fine if i am :( O yeah and another point i am very stressed all time and have no rest etc.

Here it is when erect and those things appear. And for some reason this is always red arround the hole.

Here is showing red/pinkish scrotum

Please click these beacuse the photo is big > http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/6666/11cx4.jpg

And here is another

Please click these beacuse the photo is big > http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/5403/111er1.jpg

I shoudl aldo tell you that i have achne and i have excema, I have really sensative skin. And i also should say that when i went to the docs i went with itching in the area so he gave me some creme to stop. Well i put this cream on my penis which he said i could. Around the area where it is red. Could it have made it red. Becuase the doc said dont use too much becuase it thins out your skin. Please Help. And remember About my stress probelm too. Many thanks and i hope i get some help this time.