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I've been on these for abount a month they take away ome of my back and neck pain I also take 750soma 3 times a day plus i take 2pills of no 5 codene 3 times a day--non of this works for my fibromalgy I also have had msrp it's cause me to have arthritus I lay in bed about 75% of my life I hurt so bad I have attepted suicide 4 Times in the last 3 years, I can't even hold my calm 12 lb. dog My pharmacy said that is caused by my fibromalgy. Any ideals I go to see my Doctor in 2 weeks Patricia Thanks

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I think you should go and get a second, third, or fourth opinion. If you can take more opiates without getting to many side effects, you should. You should trie to get out of bed more, because that could be making the depression you feel lessen. And, try to get outside in the sun it will also make you feel better.

GOOD LUCK and I hope you feel better soon, just never give up :-D