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Depression is just a state of mind that can be conquered through some activities. There are simple ways to beat depression and seeking professional help should be your last option. Don’t let yourself be dependent on pills.
Depression or should I say melancholy is a state of mind wherein you feel depressed, anxious, deprived, helpless, hopeless, sad, weary and worthless. People that are experiencing such tend loose interest on things often ended in miserable state of mind up to committing suicide. Insomnia, over-fatigue, stress and loss of appetite are some of the symptoms of depression. Major depression in that note affects a person’s family and personal relationships. People usually become depressed due to incidents such as broken marriage, lost of job resulting to financial crisis, etc. Whenever you feel that you are depress, get up and be active.

1. Take a break

Go away for a few days. Turn off your phone and leave your work for a while. Don’t allow yourself to be bothered by other people and issues that trigger’s your depression. Allowing yourself to relax and rest for a while refocus your attention and will increase motivation. Do what makes you laugh, watch movies you love and enjoy your favorite music. Don’t you know that music can uplift your mood? Yes, music can touch your soul and give an immediate touch to your burden.

2. Journal

Write down your problem through blogs, articles, facebook, twitter or on your diary. Writing down the problem and taking some time to reflect on it gives you a wide prospective and time to think of a better solution. It helps you show off your creative self and let go of your dilemma taking it easy without any pressure.

3. Cry

Don’t be afraid to cry. Crying well lessen the burden, make you feel calm and relax. According to an article in Science Daily, the social benefits of crying depend on the context for the tears, but the physiological benefits are consistent regardless of context and include slowed breathing and reduced heart rate and blood pressure. However, research also shows that individuals suffering from a mood disorder like depression are less likely to experience the positive effects of crying.

4. Talk

You can talk to your friends or relatives regarding the issues concerning your depression because they build your support system. You need someone who is willing to listen and appreciate the whole you.

5. Gratitude

Think of things that you should be thankful for. You can see that there are so many things in your life that you should be thankful rather than to be depressed upon. Most of the time, we complain about life without noticing the benefits that life has given us. Try to see things positively and you will definitely feel at ease. It is not about what we say with our blessings in life but how we use them is the true meaning of gratitude.

6. Confidence

People who tend to feel depressed lacks of self-confidence. Be proud of what you can do and what you have accomplished rather than be ashamed of a single mistake. Let yourself stand out to the crowd. Don’t feel bothered that someone looks better than you. Always remember that each person is created with its own set of beauty. You just have to learn how to nourish what you have.

7. Sleep

Make sure to put yourself asleep for 8 hours a day. Create a sleep pattern by sleeping and waking up on the same time each day and once your body gets the hang of it, it will easily give in. Resist the urge to nap during day time. Limit your caffeine intake and do evening rituals such as taking a bath, drinking milk, meditation, reading. Etc.

8. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to a peaceful mind. Depressions that are caused by broken relationships and work politics are just some example of depression that can be healed by forgiving. It is the very inexpensive way to overcome depression. It is alright to grieve, just let it all out. Don’t ever think that just because your relationship ended, everything has ended with it. Try to see all the people around and loves unconditionally. Take care of yourself, wallow and let out the anger, get a makeover and let go. No one has to blame for every relationship that ended. Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping stones to greater experience. Perhaps someday you will be thankful for some temporary failure in a particular direction. When one door closes, another always opens. Just learn how to forgive and forget.

9. Massage

Treat yourself to a good massage therapist. Have an aromatherapy massage which will be enhanced through different scented oils. It is very relaxing and will alleviate both physical and mental anxieties and stress. Remember to have your massage under professional masseur so as to relieve stress.

10. Eat

Eating be the most crucial but the easiest thing to do. Eat dark chocolate because it has anti oxidants that will help your mood and keep you fresh all day. Eat less refined sugar because your body craves fro sugar when you are depressed. Eat raw and fresh organic vegetables. Don’t skip meals. Try not to be anxious in your day to day life. Several studies have looked at caffeine intake and depression. In a study of healthy college students, moderate and high coffee drinkers scored higher on a depression scale than did low users. Other studies have shown that depressed patients tend to consume fairly high amounts of caffeine (more than 700 mg per day). In addition, the intake of caffeine has been linked with the degree of mental illness in psychiatric patients: the higher the intake, the more severe the depression. You may feel that you are constantly fighting with certain situations and people. Have a composed life style and try to balance all your feelings same way as you balance your meal.

Depression when untreated may lead to something serious. Don’t wait for it to happen. A lot of people will be cured by following simple steps above. Just always have the courage and trust to the Lord. No matter what religion you follow, try to understand the meaning of the principles and draw happiness from its teachings. Get inspired by the beliefs.

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