Hi everyone.. I've been looking for someone with a similar dosage as me but haven't really found anything. I'm 22 years old, I'd been on lorcet 10's for about 1 year, only taking half for most of it then gradually up to one, then two then 3 a day.. I knew it was bad so I stopped that.. I got to day 2, as I am now and gave in to temptation and grabbed a sucker (again, 800 mcg).. I can't say for sure how Long I've been on it.. Maybe a month straight for the fentanyl suckers. Highest dosage I got up to with those was 3 suckers a day.. Right before I quit those I brought it down to 1 and 1/2 suckers a day for 2 days.. The night of my last dose I felt runny nose, restless legs, I didn't eat or sleep.. Stayed in bed. Those were my only and still are the only symptoms I have. Am I almost out of the woods since I'm on day 2? Or is it just about to get awful (puking, diarrhea..)? I wanna use but thankfully I have literally nothing left to take! I really hope this is as bad as it'll get.. I've been so worried and scared. Any comments or stories or opinions would be very welcome!! Thanks