I have been on a morhpine regiment for chronic pain and degenerative disk disease,spinal steinosis, spondylosis, radiculitus. Through no fault of my own my doc took my medications away, I was told I tested positive cocaine and alcohol. Truth is I have never taken cocaine and I can not drink alcohol because I am allergic to it the first and last time I drank I was hospitalized and that was from about a half of a beer! Yesterday I went to see my specialist and pointed out the issues he was willing to let me provide another urine sample for testing, however his nurse over-road his decision to do this! How can they do that? I will be on the phone with the Medical Director today to get answers to this...Mean whilehe prescribed me .5 kolonapin 3 times daily for one week and 2 suboxone per day for the week as well. I was really going thru it bad yesterday. It started at 3 am gut wrenching vomiting along with seriuos adominal pain. And took a 2 hour drive to doctor that way screaming in agonizing pain and vomiting. When I got home from pharmacy I took one of the kolonapins and 2 suboxone films one under each side of my toung. I was just starting to feel a little better within 45 minutes and then I threw up :( it did not make me completly better but it helped some as my stomach settled a little but still felt very very sick to my stomach as for the leg pains hot cold sweats etc. all of that went away only my stomach was still very uneasy. I woke upo at 2 am and took another prescribed kolonapin and was fast asleep with-in 45 minutes. woke up at 7 am and my stomach was still feeling a little uneasy but nothing like yesterday! I have never experienced anything like this in my life I hjad no idea what wds were never went thru it til now. I took one kolonapin and my two suboxone at 730 am today my stomach has settled back down it is now 815 am. all withdraw symtoms are gone and I am feeling pretty well right now except for my pains why can't they make something like this that will help will the pain too? Sorry this is so long just wanted to share my experience. I was with out my presribed morphine for two day and yesterday morning i woke up at 3 am with sever pains in my abdoman and throwing up, obviously i was ready to start the suboxone because I only got better not worse! The suboxone has definately made me better but why can't it work with severe chronic pain too? I hate to even say it but there is no way I can stay on suboxone for ever, I truly need pain meds I am bed ridden from my injuries, my fleet was hit by a roadside bomb and suffer dearly every day after. I am in the bed all time because I can not walk. This suboxone has helped with the wds but as for my pain I am suffering so bad how can a nurse over-ride a doctors decision? I am stumped by that. My doctor told me to take the suboxone and kolonapin and that he will get this taken care of. I told him ok but that I was going to contact the Medical Director about this and couldnt he have taper my dose over a couple of months instead of cold turkey?  The UA is just one big joke the office has a 14 + Alcohol test it came back with positve results for Alcohol and cocaine! then it was sent to the lab and the lab found alcohol,cocaine,fentenyl, and opiates, neither test found morphine and the fact that I can not drink alcohol this is clearly not my sample oh and the in office test did not come back with a positive for opiates or morp. WTF ! right. I do not like medication and I really wish I never had to take it, unfortunately I do need to take it  I can not explain the tremendous amount of pain I have 24/7 it never stops and is so debilitating. Sorry for such a long post I just wantewd to share my experince with suboxone and for all of you that do not really need pain meds or other hard opiates suboxone is definately the way to go. It just takes perserverence and the want and will to better ones life.