I went for the 1st U/S and Dr. determined that baby was around 6W, we were able to see a heartbeat. When I went back last Saturday, which was 3 weeks later, the baby measured 9W 1D, which is in-line, but the Dr. could not find her heartbeat with the abd U/S. The Dr. basically told me that there is no life, as she couldn't find a heartbeat, she said it did grow quite substanially as the measurement is in line, 9W 1D, and this would have happened just about the day of the checkup, or a day before. I felt no pain, no spotting or bleeding, there was NO symtoms. I really couldn't believe this and was totally at shock. She put me on Utrogestan 100mg 2 times a day, and asked me to go back in a week to see if the baby has any growth. Could this be a mistake ? I can makeout her head, body and tiny legs clearly on the ultrasound, though there was no movement, even before I couldn't feel the movement, as the baby is still so tiny.... but at 6W I could clearly see her heartbeat. I still have mild symptoms of preg'y: tender breast and sensitivity to certain smells and food... Could it be that the baby was in a position which made it difficult to detect the heartbeat ? I truly hope this is a mistake, I have a beautiful little boy, and we really want another baby, I had a MC about 3 yrs ago, at 7W it was an empty sac, we tried for 3 yrs, and a few times by IUF, we were so happy that this one came naturally and it was God's gift, I really don't want to lose it. I think the Dr. put me on Utrogestan only to make me feel better but it really wouldn't help the fetus as I am not bleeding. I am going back this Sat, I think the Dr. just want to confirm, I'm really scared to find out, and pray every night for a miracle.