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My last period was 11/02/2012 and Dr said I should be 10weeks but I told him Im less because I know conceived during the last 2 weeks of November.. I have been geting blood drawn and have had transvag/us the past 2 weeks. On 01/08/2012, my progesterone was low so I started on a supplement of 200mg a day. HCG last week was 37,000's and also Dr said potassium and Vit D is low. Us measured me a 6 weeks and 3 days just gestational sac and a yolk sac no heartbeat. Then this week 01/15/2013 HCG levels went down to 27,000's and progesterone and everything was fine. This us was measuring 6 weeks and 1 day just gestational sac and yolk sac no heartbeat. Im really worried had cramps on 12/09/2012 and 12/29/2012 I havent had since then. I have not had any discharge on anything and also no bleeding of any kind. Im 31 and have two big kids. I have never had any type of issue pregnant. I do not want to miscarry:(. Dr said he will wait it out with me. I have another Ultrasound next week 01/22/2013. I have been praying to God to either give the baby an opportunity or please take the baby from me because I dont want it to suffer. Im so confused about the whole situation. Am I going to lose my baby or can there still be hope?


Hi Praying,

Doctors use the date of your LMP to determine how far along you are because most women know when that was.  Yes, you likely got pregnant about 2 weeks later.

The hCG levels dropping is not a good sign but there is the chance of a bad test.  Are they planning on repeating it?  They should be seeing a heartbeat now, or very shortly.  

You are doing all that you can do.  There is always hope.

Hang in there.