Hello All,

I recently underwent a D&C. I can't even belive it... at about 6 weeks the baby had a very strong heartbeat and i went for my check up which i should have been 10 weeks 3 days when they couldn't find a heart beat. I had the doppler , a sono and then a internal sono. The following day went again to confirm. I had no feelings that the baby had died and i am still so shocked. I did however start to (feel better over the last week or so prior to knowing the baby i had died with puking etc ) notice my heart racing and palpatiting at night. I though they must be wrong what i amnot miscarring i have no symptoms. But again to my disappointment they were correct.

Its really sad a "missed abortion" b/c the baby just dies. But ,like i said i went under a D & C and happy i choose that and not wait to see if it expells itself.

I hope this helps a little, although doesn't make it any easier :-(