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I’m 38 years old female. I suffered for years from the symptoms of Fibromalgia, arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve tried a lot of different nutrients, but had no success. However I tried Fibromalgia Recovery Program for a couple of months and my symptoms decreased a lot. However I want to hear some advices from people who suffered from Fibromalgia or from people who are medical professionals. Please share your thoughts.



Well, the treatment for Fibromalgia is with a combination of medication and self-care. The treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome should be made only in consultation with a health care professional. As a basic background for good treatment is an appropriate amount of physical activity. Generally doctors usually advise against long-term use of Benzodiazepines, for muscle pain use muscle relaxants and analgesics like Tylenol. Maybe your doctor may prescribe you antidepressant medications, such as amitriptyline, nortriptyline (Aventyl, Pamelor) or doxepin (Sinequan) to help promote sleep. I wish you good luck and take care of you!



CFS/FMS has nothing to do with depression,except depression caused by the illness,due to pain,loss of lifestyle etc

a major part of cfs is a sleep disorder
we sleep at night,but never hit deep sleep rem 3 rem 4 which is when the body regulates the seretonum levels for next days exercise/work
LOW dose antidepressants 10-25 mg of say,nortryptilene ,taken 5-6 hours before bed,help the body to regulate the seretonum

part of the biggest issue for CFS is that majority of doctors still beleive its a non disease,a figment of imagination,or chronic depression(survey last year in britain shows just that,over 50 percent of uk doctors still didnt recognise CFS as a disease at all)


I agree that FMS causes the depression, it's only natural when you live with moderate to severe pain every day. I fail to understand Doctors unwillingness to accept the illness even after scientific studies have proven that FMS is real. Not sure which is worse, when your Doctor looks at you like you are a crazy id**t or the fact that they assume we are so stupid that we can't see the looks on their faces. Doctors need to know that although we are in constant pain, we aren't blind or crazy and we aren't stupid. We aren't lying about the pain. I'm always amazed at how you can be treated with respect from a physician UNTIL you tell them you've been diagnosed with Fibro. After that, nothing you say can be taken seriously by them. I hope that I'm never in an emergency situation because their disregard and disdain of FMS will certainly kill me. Sometimes you are much better off not telling them you've been labeled, you will receive much better care. It's sad but true. You have to decide that on your own. Hope you have a much better choice of physicians than I do.
Although I normally wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, on the bad days, I do wish my Doc could experience it for a month or so. Guarantee her attitude towards Fibro would change dramatically.
Wish you lot's of luck and many good days without FMS symptoms.


I have been dealing with lots of back pain for years. I have lower back problems but I was recently diagnosed with fibro a little over a year ago. I have been dealing with pain in both legs and shoulders. The legs are worse every day 24 hours aday. Most days it hurts so bad I cant even move its like I'm paralyzed I mean i can move but the pain is so bad I just cant move. I'm always so tired and some days I go into a depression from the pain. I have been getting headaches and dizziness. I feel worthless I dont know what to do or where to go. I dont want to deal with this pain anymore. My doctor gave me ultram which takes away some of the discomfort but it is always there. I just want the pain to go away. I want to have energy and go for walks or just do things in the yard without the pain. The pain has taken over my life and I cant do it anymore. I need to find some kind of help a doctor or a specialist that doesnt think I'm crazy or tells me its something else. I have ended up in the emergency room several times this year from the severity of the pain. I hope someone can give me some ideas or even some guidance.


I take Lyrica which is newly FDA approved, it is the first drug on the market specifically for Fibromyalgia. I had to start gradually because I got tired from it, and I also have found over time that I gained weight which is another side effect. Letting my body get used to it, as well as gradually increasing the dose, has allowed me to feel a difference during the day without impairing my function. So tell your doctors about it.

I have a prescription for Novo-Cycloprine (Flexeril) that I can take in short term stints when things are rough. It's an added helper along with Tylenol.

Last, I have found Imovane has worked wonders for my sleep quality at night. It works but I don't feel groggy in the morning.

Tramadol is a non narcotic painkiller that you can ask your doctor about as well. It would be taken on a day you can't move well and you have got to get through it before you crash. It is not as addictive as narcotic pain medications and seems to have no side effects.

Naturally I do accupuncture and also take some herbs from a Chineese Medicine Practitioner, and I also find swimming and then a sauna is great to keep me limber.


I took Lyrica for about three months and It did help alot
I was so happy that I found something and I could feel the
pain go away without a narcotic drug. Then I had some swelling
in my ankles and feet we thought it was my kidneys so I
was I was put on 40 mg lasics a prescription for edema.
Then I read the fine print on Lyrica and a sever reaction
to the drug. I was so let down about this adverse reaction
I had to stop taking the drug and the pain returned I
have taken suboxone which is normally given to people
that have herion addictions its a great drug for me and my
condition I am not an addict and I have never done street drugs
but I spent alot of my life on loratab and vicodine and
now after 8 years nothing works for my pain so the Suboxone
was the answer for me .

I do suffer all the time not only from fibromalgia I have spinal
injuries from a SUV roll over witch started alot of my problems.
I am glad you can take Lyrica BUT watch for any form of swelling or
readness of the skin with a burrning feeling .



i am so sorry you have to live like this. I been diagnosed with fibromialgia since 1999. I know how you feel. What helped me was Elavil.
And I divorsed my ex-husband. Nutrition is a big issue to. Do not give up!!!!!! It can get better.
Love to you and god bless you


I just read this, which may help you:

New Drug Approved by the FDA to Alleviate Moderate to Severe Pain
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Tapentadol hydrochloride, an immediate-release oral tablet. This approval offers health care professionals an additional choice for relieving patients' moderate to severe acute pain.

Also, on the NBC news they had a story about cherries helping pain; a woman came on who took cherry supplements and was relieved immensely, then she had quit for a couple of weeks and the pains returned. In her case it was for arthritis, but why not try for fibro...
Pain is pain, right?

I'm trying it for arthritis is my hands and feet--I bought cherry juice and cherry kool-aid, and made up a pitcher using both--couldn't find the supplements. In June I get the black cherries for treats, but being that it's summer, I don't hurt as much any way.

Also, magnesium supplements help some pains, read online about magnesium.

Good luck and good health



My wife and mother have struggled with "chronic fatigue syndrome" and "fibromalgia" for 10 and 17 years respectively. After this amount of time, it was discovered that they have had lyme disease. Other people that have had CFS and fibromalgia symptoms are finding that they have lyme. All persons with these symptoms should be tested using the IgM Western Blot for Lyme disease. I am not a doctor - these are my opinions based on personal experience along with years of the physical trials of my family. If you test positive for the Lyme infection, then CFS and Fibromalgia are irrelevant. Have you been tested for Lyme disease?