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I'm 19 and me and my Partner are TTC, i was on the nuvaring and took it out at the end of january, this April i have missed my period but i've been so dissapointed the months before where they where negative i've only taken 1 preg test 3 days after missed period. It was negative. 6 days later no period... no symptoms either. any insight??


Hi there, I am 33 have a son of 10, had endo and PCOS (still have PCOS) with my son I only found out I was preg by means of a scan. Urine test showéd negative. Husband and I have been trying actively for 6 months. I also have only spotted this month, period 4 day's late. I was on Clomid Dec, Jan, Feb but was disspointed each month as I get preg simptoms and spotting and periods are heavy after a few day's of spotting but always clock work. This month have headaches, back ache, NO PERIOD so far. Fatigue and tender breasts. So wanting a positive test. Thingking of having blood test this coming week. Praying it is not all in my head.