Ok I will start by saying that this may seem unbelievable, but I have a serious problem. I have used a condom with all partners so I can only summize that my condition is either a) friction based or b) allergy to latex or other thing.

Ok three days ago I arrived on holiday in Manila Philippines, I drank way too much (around 30 rum and cokes) and proceeded to spend the night with three beautiful girls (yes at the same time) Due to my obvious intoxication errection was a serious issue, and I enlisted the help of our good friend Cialis.

Now here is my issue, I honestly spent over 6 hours engaged in constant intercourse with these three lovelies until reaching final sucess (yes only once due to the intoxication) At this point all 4 of us collapsed in a heap on the bed a slept some 8 or 9 hours. (I only removed the condom but did not shower)

Now here I am 4 days after and my foreskin is amazingly red and feels streched (this I think may be due to the strenous activity and the extra large medication induced erection) and my glans has small red pimples all over it although not painful, a little itchy.

What could this be, has anyone had a similar experience, could it be an STD even with a condom, or something minor "like I hope"

Thanks for your advice a very worried 35 year old man.