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Hi, from time to time I have red dots on my glans for a few days. Then glans gets itchy and more sensitive during sex, and I pee a lot. After some three days my glans peels the top layer of skin and it's ok then, like it's some fungus desease. I have this for years now, and it comes around every few months. I've been at doctor for so many times, and all the tests said no bacteries, no fungal desease, no nothing! Can it be that it is too senitive for my girlfriends vaaginal fluid? Thanx


I have a similar problem. I get tiny, less than 1mm sized bumps that are red and slightly raised. They usually show up in an "outbreak" on my glans. Then they subside, but later on they always come back. I get the feeling it is a skin fungus, because I use soap, but I know that soap does not kill fungi. I am uncircumsized, and I find that it tends to break out worst after masturbating a lot. I got tested right when the first few bumps appeared but I was negative for chlamydia, herpes and HIV, and the Doc said it was normal. The bumps seem to be the worst while I have an erection.

One theory I have is that they are burst capillaries from overzealous use. I am not sure if that is correct, or what that would look like. I have had these for about one year, and I have not been sexually active since I got them, from either unprotected oral or protected vaginal sex with my girlfriend at the time.