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I know this is long but I'm trying to be thorough. 20 years old and I've been spotting off and on for almost more than two months now, I started spotting in May and its now July.My last real period was in late Feb/Beginning of March. the spotting varies from light to heavy. I noticed not long after sex I will start spotting too. It varies from thin bright looking red, to small dark red clots, like a menstural flow just not heavy enough to be a menstural flow(for me at least). They aren't consistent, every other day I spot, and it's become quite annoying. Not on any birth control, nor have I ever been. I've only been sexually active with my husband, and it's only been for 7 months that we both started having sex. We have sex pretty much everyday, we don't put a condom on until we're in the middle of sex(I know, still risky due to precum or a missed timing). My periods before were irregular, usually 30-34 days appart, sometimes weeks later than that or sometimes I wouldn't even have one. But they were never light and always lasted no less than 5 days and no more than 7 days. I have not had any feelings of being sick(typical pregnancy symptoms), or different. Sometimes I do feel PMS related symptoms(moody, slight cramping, headaches, acne) around the week I would normally mensturate, only problem is no real period, just some spotting. A few times I thought it was my period, but it was just a day or two of heavy spotting. Another thing is my lifestyle, I moved In December of 2011 and the following months were stressfull( not to mention this issue making me stress a bit.). Following my move, my diet has changed too, it's not as healthy as before, I also am not as active as I was, and I'm also sexually active now where before I was not at all. With this all being said, my question is if anyone else has some insight on what could be going on, or a related situation. I know I should see a physician, and I have made an appointment to see one in a couple weeks, since this has gone on long enough now. But thoughts would be appreciated in the meantime.


Yes you could! I got pregnant with my lil boy from the pullout method theres around 10,000 live sprem from precum

Hope you find out soon!