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I'm 15 almost 16, I've been sexually active since last year and I've been having my period for about 3-4 years. I'm almost never late or early, and my symptoms (cramps, moodswings, nausea) always come a few days earlier. It's a set routine for me. My last period was on the 10th of August, and since then I've had sex 5 times: some with a condom (which is put on before my boyfriend is about to cum), and some using the pull out method. Once while drunk (with a condom).


We've been having sex like this for almost 10 months and I've never had any problems or fallen pregnant.


But today I felt kind of sick and nauseated in the afternoon, and had to sit down after I had a shower, which usually happens before my period. A few hours after that, I noticed a semi-heavy bleeding while having sex with my boyfriend. But I'm due in another week?


I've never had these sorts of problems, appart from the period before my last I expirienced the symptoms exactly a week before I got it. I still dunno if that was just coincidence or something else completely but it's odd for me.


Anyway there was no pain during sex, or any other regular period syptoms. The blood was thick red at first (and kinda chunky.....ew). The bleeding didn't last very long maybe half an hour or so, but eventually turned a dark brown before dissapearing/turning clear with traces of brown. I suspect to have ovulated about a week ago.


Can someone tell me what's going on? I've read up about pregnancy spotting and I'm really scared.... but I've also heard it could be a hormone imbalance? Help!xo


Also, I've never been on birth control of any kind ! The last medication I took was antibiotics for a bladder infection a month or so ago.