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I hope you all can give me some advice.  I was in a car accident in June of 2016.  Prior to that accident I was fused at C4, C5, C6 from prior accidents.  This accident caused C3 to go.(This was August 2016)  So now another Anterior surgery.  This one failed and they found out that C6-7 had alot of degeneration and was compressing on nerve roots and my spinal cord.  The best option was to do a posterial fusion from C3-T2 with screwing all the vertibra together and placing a rod to support it.  (This major surgery was in August 2017) I am solid and I do not move a whole lot.  I am still on Morphine and Percocets, muscle relaxers, and gabepentin and Lyrica.  I am in pain every morning I wake up.  I have no hand grip.  My left hand stays numb feeling all day.  My right hand if I open a door or hold an ink pen to long I get painful tingly feeling up and down my arm.  I have been told permanent nerve damage and that this surgery does not always help.  My shoulder blades hurt and now my neck is cracking.  This is scaring me.  It popped the other day at C1-C2 and boy that hurt.  Any suggestions?  I went thru 4 months of PT and no help really other than I can move my arms a little better and I am slowly regaining my balance that was way off from the surgery.  They said that is normal.  I have applied for disability and jumping thru hoops.  I am now in counseling due to me starting to consider suicide since it is impossible to hold down a job since I can not feel half of the keyboard and after 2-3 hrs of work my pain level is screaming.  Any suggestions to help.  I hate being on so much medication.  Help




MY fusion is from C3-T2 I had 4 surgeries, first was anterior which was of the first 4 levels I have fused they took the bone off my right hip and used donor bone for the bottom level. My pain was terrible, I was much worse than before the surgery. Eventually I asked for another discogram in which they did. When they did the Ultrasound following it showed I had rejected the one level of donor bone. I had 3 more surgeries so I have tiny scars on both hips anterior and posterior.. I eventually wound up going to a pain clinic and I received a pain pump... I got a large part of my life back. I now work I am not able to work as a nurse any longer but I am grateful for the drug free and pain free life I have. I wish you all the best.. Whatever you do don"t give up.