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I broke my back and neck in a serious car accident in Oct 08. I wore a back brace and my back pretty much healed. I started noticing weakness in my legs and pain in my hip and was admitted to the hospital for spinal fusion surgery about 4 months ago. About 1 month ago I fell backwards off my deck and landed flat on my back when a board let go. I fell about 5 feet and had the wind knocked out of me. My legs are very sore again and I feel like someone punched me in the middle of my back. I owe my surgeon some money but can try to work out a payment plan. Do you feel I should return to the surgeon and be rechecked. He is a neurologist and did the surgery and inserted four screws in my neck for the break.

Any advice would be appreciated.



You might want to consider going back from a check-up, that fall could have displaced some of the screws