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So, I've been experiencing this strange pressure feeling in my chest for around three days now. It isn't heartburn, it isn't lung-related I assume because I don't have breathing difficulties, and it definitely isn't a pulled muscle. As it's very much concentrated on the left hand side and radiates outwards to my left shoulder and arm as well, my first thought was "heart". 

I'm female and frankly worried that the doctor won't take me seriously. I know women do get heart attacks though. I am quite worried even though I wasn't sweating, experiencing dizziness, or anything like that. Could this legitimately be a heart issue or am I worried for nothing? If you were in this situation, would you see a doctor? Any idea what could be causing this? Does it sound like a cardiac problem to you or like something else? One thing I've explored on the web is the possibility that this symptom of pressure in the chest could perhaps be caused by some vitamin deficiency or another. FWIW, I'm not stressed, I'm not lacking in sleep, and I don't know what else could possibly be causing this. 

I'd really, really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions as to what may be causing this. 



You are right to take your symptoms seriously; though chest pain can have many others causes, heart conditions are a common cause. Please see a doctor.

Here are some causes of chest pain that you may want to look into, though it is imperative that you do not jump to conclusions or make self-diagnoses. Just be sure to take it seriously and see a doctor and in some cases bypass that step and head straight for the ER, depending on how bad you feel.

- Coronary artery disease
- Myocarditis
-Heart attack
- Pericarditis
- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
- Mitral valve prolapse

You could try looking for the symptoms of these and see if they match yours.


I had very similar symptoms myself, and was worried I was going to have a heart attack also. It turned out that I had a vascular spasm actually. This is a tightening of a blood vessel that last a short time and that mainly causes pain. It can be a warning sign that you are at risk of a heart attack, so it's not harmless at all. I was a smoker, and after I was told this is what I had, I did quit smoking. This happened perhaps five years ago, I am still a non-smoker now, and I never had the same symptom again.