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Hi everyone!

I guess we are all in the same boat!
I have been suffering from cysts in the bartholin gland for many years. Prob about 5 or 6 of them all have been drained and had a catheter put in. Very painful. all have gotten to the golfball size. I have one now and will be getting it taken care of  tmrw or the following day. I know they will keep happening and so I would like to have the gland removed. My Gyno told my that the to have that operation there needs to be no cyst present but from what i have read it sounds like that isnt true. What is really the case? Should I insist on getting it dont now. Im at the point where I dont even care about the recovery time and not having sex. My boyfriend will understand. He has seen me go thru this so many times. 

Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing from someone! :)


i have a cyst on my overy that is 6 inches and my overy is 4 inches so its bigger. my cyst is also bleeding on the inside i have bad back pains and when i striss its only worse my stomach feels like its cramping all the time! ive been to the doctor 6 times and the finally found out what is was i go to a woman doctor monday and i was wonderin if anyone knew or had an idea how they may go about getting it out since its so big and birthcontrol wont clear it?