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Hello I am 17 years of age and female. For the past 8- 9 months I have been having very painful cysts that keep occuring more often. It only used to effect one side whereas now it effects both. I did go and see a gynaecologist whch involved an internal examination, my gynaecologist thought it was a Bartholin cyst but said she could not feel anything. Please help as I need to know what this is as it is extremely embarassing.


Hi honey! I suffered from Bartholin Cysts from about 15 to 28 - when I finally had the gland removed! The BEST thing to do for this is as follows:

1. Sit in the warmest tub of water you can handle, and put in about 4 cups of Epsom Salts in the bath. Let the water just go above your thighs! The Epsom Salts draw out the infection! It is like a pustule!
2. Get a squirt bottle and fill it with REALLY warm water, and put 2 tbls each of Hydrogen Peroxide and Epsom Salts in it and shake it till it has disolved, Then squirt it inside your vagina and the cyst area! Do this EVERY time you go to the bathroom!
3. Try and get a Sitz Bath and use that as much as possible - WITH Epsom salts and warm water - this will also draw out the poision!

IF it gets REALLY painful and has puss in it! I want you - when sitting in the bath - push every so gently on the sides of the cyst - to try and gently pop it!

IF it gets REALLY bad, then you need to go to the hospital or doctors to have it lanced! I had to have mine surgically removed, as after it was lanced - keeping in mind it was the size of a grapefruit - and the poison went into my blood and I was 12 weeks pregnant!!!! so my situation was a problem!

Keep the area clean and dry as possible!!! Epsom Salts are the BEST thing ever for drawing out poison! So good luck honey and best of health! You are not alone in this I promise! And if you ever need to talk then just let me know, or if you have any questions I'm here OK?


i hope u get this taken care of :[
i know how scary it is to have something wrong with u and not know what it is.
i think i have cysts but im not sure. what kind of symptoms are you having? i've been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me...


Hi Zombie! It's not dangerous, UNLESS it gets so infected - like mine did!! But this was a rarer case OK? :-)

This is what the symptoms are of a Bartholin Cyst

1. Soreness in the inside and bottom of your vagina!
2. Sometimes you can feel a pimple or a larger lump, within the 1st inch of your vagina!
3. Sometimes you can have a TERRIBLE odor!

IF either of you have a fever with this I REALLY want you to go to the doctors ASAP!! With right cleansing and keeping the area as clean and dry as possible, you should be able to keep it under control! BUT always watch it!

I don't know if either of you know what a Bartholin Cyst is but here's some Science 123 ;-) - Just inside the vagina is a gland called the Bartholin Gland, it is the largest gland in our vaginas! Whenever it gets plugged with liquid, it CAN react just like a pimple! Sometimes it can go away by itself and you wont be the wiser! OR it can remain plugged and turn into a pustule - no head! And become bigger and bigger! and cause SEVERE pain! You know when you have a cyst in your mouth and it feels like a baseball? This is the same thing! Because our vaginas are sensitive skin, when we have something as small as a grape even, it will feel like a cannon ball! Bartholin cysts, range in size from the size of a pencil head eraser to grapefruit size - making it impossible to stand, sit, walk etc! THIS is the most serious of them all, due to the high probablility of blood infection!

So Zombi! IF none of the above symptoms match with what you are experiencing, I would like you to go and get checked up by your doctor! It could be a case of vaginitis - infection of the vagina! And also if either of you are worried and experience fever, or the techniques to help, DON'T then go and get checked out by your doctor regardless OK? Good luck and health to both of you!