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I'm 29 years old and I have been working out regularly for the past 3 years (cardio/lifting weights). For a month and a half now I have been feeling a mild-to-intense discomfort (but not pain) on the left groin area, mostly next to my my penis. (not on my testicles).

I have already been to 2 doctors and they ruled out any kind of hernia on my groin or testicles. However, the discomfort is still there; it doesn't bother me with my everyday activities, even my workout, but I keep feeling that something is not right in the area.

I don't feel pain anywhere else, not on my back or legs or anything... just there... There are days that I don't feel anything but when it 'comes' it stays there for 4-5 days straight. It tends to go away when I sit but returns when I stand up, walk, work out etc...

Can someone help? Thanks!


I have the exact same symptoms. not sharp pain, just discomfort or dull pain in that area. Inactivity makes the symptoms go away. Get back into a long hike or dancing and it starts all over again. Just saw a doctor and he doesn't see a hernia. Told possible muscle strain... told to rest, apply periodic heat & take Alleve. I don't think that's going to be the answer.
Bicycling season is nearly here and I want this issue to be resolved. 
I will be revisiting the doctor in 4 weeks.