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i am now 3 weeks the owner of a groin hernia. :'( A nice size bulge (egg shape and painless for now) in my left pelvic region has been diagnosed by aDR.Here is my consern,I have a camping trip (canoeing, know) booked in 10 weeks
do I postpone possible surgery until after the trip (15 weeks into it) or
is this just askin for trouble?


You can do what you want but, my husband has been the proud owner of a linguinal hernia for, well it seems like forever. He refuses to have the surgery and i have given up trying to convince him to.
He is the owner of a construction company. He is in and out of 8 ft. ditches all day long. He carries heavy equipment and also operates bull dozers and back hoes. He is on his feet 12 hrs. a day and is working constantly. He has no pain but it bulges out when he really exerts himself, which is all the time. He actually will push it in and one can hear the noise that it makes, sounds like a fart.
Because he is so hard headed, he has reluctantly agreed to wear a "truss" or a support. It looks like a pair of thong unders and has two triangular shaped, rubber protecters at the site of the protrusion. The pads keep the hernia from popping out while he is working.

So in his case, he has no issue. But this is your issue of course. Use your judgement or ask your doctor what he thinks. In my case, i think my husband has made friends with his lump. (just kidding) he is just dead set against surgery for now because he doesn't want to leave our employess on the jobs with out him. Typical business owner, right!!!