ive unknowingly had sex with a girl who has hsv2 and ive been to the docs several times over the past year and they said im free of hsv1 and hsv2  but the problem is ive been having symptoms of herpes zoster small blister breakouts on the chest that go away soon after but i also have been having symptoms of guillan barre  numbess of my right leg but no pain i just walk "off" sometimes other days im fine plus i suffer from dry eyes and sometimes i cant get good breath out my nostrils sometimes i haveto stretch it open to get breath,also ive had lots of weight loss 50 pds in a few months docs and family think its normal but ive havent been trying to lose .plus im 6'2 i dont look right at 220pds,anyway please tell me if u guys had the same sypmtoms and also tell me HOW u got diagnosed? specifically what test but what ever it is i need to stress the importance of taking that test to my doctor ...thanks in advance

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