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i smoke marijuana and have for years and never had problems before now and when i smoke my head hurts on top and back and sumtimes my head feels numb on the top of my head and it feels like pressure and sum times it feels like my breathing is shallow and this activates a panic attack that gets my heart beating faster witch makes it all worse. but if i simply get up and move around and do sumthing it goes away all except the headaches.. i had asthma bad as kid and over the years it has almost gone away but when i feel like my breathing is shallow it scares me into a panic. i dont know if this is anxiety or a sinus infection, or worse

im mostly woried about the numbness feeling on the top of my head and the shallow breath sumtimes it feekls like im breathing but im not getting anything from it sumtimes it feels like im breathing down the wrong pipe as crazy as that might sound ive never experianced this feeling even with all my years of having bad asthma  its almost like my lungs are not opening sumtimes and sumtimes i panic cuz i think if im not getting enofe air in my lungs that might caught the numbess and pain in my head

but what i dont understand is sumtimes it happens when i havent smoked in a few days the first day of not smoking im fine no symptoms but after a few days my head hurts and sumtimes i get shallow breath feeling and if i smoke after a few days the first time i smoke i have no symtoms its not untill the 2nd or third time i smoke the symtoms come back damned if i do damned if i dont

if anyone has any infromation or ideas on whats wrong with me please share im planning on going to doctor. i got no insurance since i got laid off cant really aford a doctor right now so im not smoking anymore unless the symtoms continue when i stop for a long period of time cuz if it doesnt stop it must not be the smoke


Go to a Catholic hospital, explain your situation, 9 times out of 10 they won't turn you down. Maybe see a counseler or phsycaitrist (spelling?).