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Hi, I am just wondering is anybody worrying about this? I am planing to get pregnant but right now I am all confused about all of this. If I get pregnant should I be worried about swine flue.
My hubby is constantly reashuring me that there is nothing to be worry about but I am not sure.
Please give me some advice.
Thank you,


Hi Clair,
There is a lot of information out there. I was reading some news about H1N1 vaccines and they say that pregnant women can receive protection against influenza with one dose of the H1N1 vaccine. Also they said that pregnant women are particularly at risk of contracting H1N1.


By the sounds of things H1N1 is going to be around a while. Try not to live your life around that. Granted, it is a hugh concern and every precaution should be taked to help safeguard yourself from it, but don't let it constrict you to much.
Reminds me a bit of 911, everybody was freaked out and scared that it was going to happen again, including me. I felt emotionally terrorized, but life went on.
If it's your time to start a family, then be comfortable in knowing that women are getting pregnant everyday irregardless. I heard on the news that pregnant or pre pregnant women have good results with the vaccine.


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This new flu strain is getting a lot of bad press which creates a lot of unnecessary fear and worry. The media is very good at scaring people. Of course it is a concern but is it really something to panic over?

It appears to be a real wimp compared to the flu that comes around every year. Most people who have been on the earth for a while seem to have some immunity to it. The longer the better. The oldest have the most immunity. Would you put off becoming pregnant while waiting for the regular flu to become extinct? The regular flu kills about as many people as automobile accidents. Are you going to quit riding in cars until after you give birth or put off becoming pregnant until we do away with car accidents?

Some fears are simply not rational and the media is very good at exacerbating those.

Personally I choose not to spend my time worrying about those types of things. Most of them are highly overrated and I can't change them anyway.

Maybe my life experience has given me a different outlook. When I was in the 6th grade they spent a lot of time teaching us to "duck and cover" which meant, hide under our desks if we saw a bright flash of light outside the windows. That would indicate that an atomic bomb had just gone off near by. I don't know how the other kids dealt with that in their minds but I looked at two scenarios. I could worry myself silly about the possibillity it might happen, thereby destroying my fun and happiness, or I could realize there was nothing I could do to change the possibillity of it happening so let's enjoy life while we can.

The human race seems to be doing quite well. There are a lot more of us today than there were 100 years ago, so it doesn't look like disease is killing us off.


That is right. We are now counting in more than 7 billions (i think) and yet every year there is a new deadly epidemic that is threatening the world. I was reading this and had to add it here. It is connected with this topic. Kind of. :-)