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So last night I lost my viginity. I was bleeding while we were having sex which is normal for the first time. Everything went fine. But then I woke up the next morning to go to the bathroom. And I noticed a string like thing that is a dark red hanging out of my vagina. I'm pretty sure that it is my hymen. I wasn't sure what to do about it I can't go to the doctor or clinic because I have no way of getting there besides my mom and she cannot know. The piece hanging from my vagina dosent hurt to touch. I was going to pull it out. But I'm to scared. I wasn't sure if I just leave it and it will fall out on its own?Or the next time my period comes if I used a tampon could that help remove it? Please try and give helpful info! Thanks you! :)


For your own health, DO NOT PULL IT OUT as you may pull something else out that you should not and that may lead to infection.  You should go see a doctor or Urgent Care as soon as possible as that needs to be addressed as quickly as you can, this is not normal as a hymen usually breaks open and not tear open then hang from vagina - never heard of that happening before.  Please go see the doctor.