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Has there been a study on developing/worsening Cardiac condition of men due to psychological/behavioural changes in the menopousal spouse?


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Hehehhe, very funny but I think I can understand your question.

I suppose you are the husband, so I will tell you right away that it is usually not due to your wife’s personality but the problems she’s been going trough.

I have to say that I understand how you may feel but I even understand your wife more. The drop of hormonal levels is very hard for a woman and real men should be tolerable and try to understand that their wives are going through a rough phase in their lives. The more you learn about this, the easier it will be for you to understand.

If your wife has been hit hard with symptoms, especially depression, irritability and similar mental symptoms ( not that the physical are any better), at least you can do is not stand in the way or maybe even try to help. I am sure she would do the same for you.

If you continue to confront her, you will only make things worse. Forget about your ego for some time and be a little more tolerable.

The reason you may be experiencing problems with your health is because you are probably under a lot of stress due to the things that may be happening in your home, and constant stress could certainly aggravate your condition.

Try persuading your wife into trying acupuncture. It certainly helped me with my menopause symptoms.