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hi there,

so my partner and I have been trying for five years to have a child.

I have a very irregular period (sometimes it's monthly, sometimes it's gone for 3 months)

I had the implanon ( T Implant ) years ago and got it removed not long after it was inserted. When I get my period, it usually lasts up to 5 days- I almost always have clotting during, blood at the start of my period is a dark brown- then a redish color, I have a pasty white discharge whenever i'm not on my period. It usually has no smell. I've been tested for sti's and std's and (as i already knew) I have none. My vagina is often very painful - like a sharp pain near my cervix ( I don't have a UTI or bladder infection ) I've had a pelvic ultrasound and everything came back fine, there's nothing wrong that the ultrasound can pick up. Intercourse is usually painful for me, or painful after even though my partner is very gentle!!

I'm at the perfect weight for my age and height, i do not do drugs or drink alcohol or even coffee! I take care of my body and do everything I can to make it habitable by a child,

Is there any medication I can get on to improve my fertility? Or has anyone else had the same problem and managed to conceive?



Hi Wiwrm,

Have you seen a fertility specialist?  There are medications that can increase your chances of conceiving.

Both you and your husband should go.  You can expect a full physical and internal exam.  Blood work will be taken as well.  Your partner can expect a sperm count.

There are drugs that can help with ovulation if that is the problem.

Good luck.