Hi, I'm Nicci. My fiancee and I have been sexually active & trying to conceive for the past 3 years! We have NEVER used protection since we have been trying for our baby, and every month my period comes and goes. My cycle lasts at least 5-9 days (always has been like that!) and I have never been on birth control. He doesnt believe in fertility medication, justifying himself in saying "pregnancy is natural, and should be left this way". I go to my gyno yearly, and every pap is normal. So I just cant understand where the problem may lay? We have sex EVERY day, at least once a day, some times MULTIPLE times, and I'm getting WORN OUT! We are 22 years old, and are fully healthy. My best friend who has HPV and herpes has 2 children w/o any aids, and I'm hoping the problem doesnt lay in the sterility of my fiancee, although he doesnt believe it's true b/c he has gotten his past girlfriend (as a teen) pregnant 2 times (which resulted in abortions). Also, he does smoke marijuana, and did while his past girlfriend conceived. Can someone please give me some light of hope?? Or am I doomed for life? If we do not conceive naturally, we will never have children, and that's all I've ever dreamed of since I was a little girl! Now, without him knowing (feel kind of guilty) I have been researching NATURAL fertility medication, and have been considering one brand. It is called FertilAid for women. All natural, formulated by Amos Gunebaum, MD. "FeritlAid is designed to enhance fertility and support overall reproductive health, The Natural Choice in Reproductive Health." If anyone thinks they can give me some information, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE!! I'm almost desperate at this point. :-) Thanks!