Hi everyone, im 24, got PCOS, been under fertility for a few years now. I started taking clomid 50mg every cycle from day 2-5 and no pregnancy, i then went onto 100mg for 6months, still nothing. Last November i had 'ovarian drilling' 4hole sin each of my ovaries to help me ovulate, periods been up and down until i went and saw my fertility nurse in june and she put me back on clomid 100mg again. July was the first month of being back on clomid since my operation, period came on 23rd and so did august. September nothing...? I had thick white discharge a week before i was due, never had this before, it wasnt smelly or itchy or anything so was completely harmless, dont have any sti's or infections either, on 23rd discharge had stopped through until 26th when i was noticing tea spoon amounts of brown blood/discharge up until 4th october! My face has swollen up a little, boobs too but they dont hurt, was sick lastnight after feeling sick for few days but i wasnt being sick so i made myself... Any ideas anyone? Pls reply

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 My doctor has told me to test on 15th october, could the brown spottin be implantation bleeding?