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I'm 15, and I've had my period since I was 12. It's been very normal since I got it... I had one skipped period probably within a year of getting my period, and that's it, except for now. I haven't had a period since the last week of February. Last  month I thought I got it because there was blood in my underwear, but I only bled once, and it was only about the size of a baby carrot. I don't think it could be a light period, especially since I've always had really heavy periods. I also haven't had any cramping or anything.

I'm not sure why this is... the only reasons I've known for missing periods I don't think I'd fall under. I do work out, but not hard, at least I think. I run, but rarely to the point where I can't talk while I run. I haven't been eating and more or less, and I don't think I'm stressed, at least any more than a normal amount. And I'm sure I'm not pregnant.


Hello Amanda , Look Amanda u have to call a dr , but it is normal cz u still young and it will happen because your body hormone will change , so don't worry , but it will be better if u consulted a dr . ( pregnancy , stress  can cause a missed period )