I have protected sex with condoms and I'm pretty sure none of them broke because we check. But I haven't gotten my period in two months. I skipped last month and am now one week late this month. I have no pregancy symptoms. Since I've skipped I'm worried I'm pregnant and I do not want to be pregnant it's stressing me out. I have no way to go buy a pregancy test. Anything I can do at home that can help me figure out if I am? Last week I had white discharge that was strechy and now my boobs are sore and I've been having cramps which is usually what happens when I'm going to get my period soon. Do you think it's coming? Also the week of September when I was supposed to be ovulating I was sick and then I skipped October and now I've been sick for three weeks I've gone to the doctor twice and got amoxicillin twice for throat and nose infection is it possible I'm missing because I'm sick? Please help.