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I'm 40 years old and have two grown sons and for about 6 weeks I have been having the classic symptoms of pregnancy. Nausea, bloating, breast tenderness, constipation or diarreah, fatigue, backache, pretty much all of them. My period keeps showing up around it's usual time but the symptoms still seem to stay around.

The first period I had after the symptoms started was extremely heavy for half a day and then kind of lingered around for 6-7 days. There was clotting or tissue passed in that one. I didn't have the normal breast tenderness that I usually have with my period and I didn't have cramps.

I've just started my second period since then and it is not nearly as heavy as the previous one. It is a little lighter then normal but I do have a little bit of cramping. My usual period is pretty heavy and cramping is very, very bad.

Between the periods my symptoms picked up quite heavy. Right now I have some nausea but mostly everything has settled a little.

What other problem might this indicate when it seems to me I couldn't possibly be pregnant?

Thank you in advance for the help.


Im so confused, i had unprotected intercourse last month and i was late re inserting my b/c (nuvaring)which i had been on for 1year, ive been feeling very sick, nausea, dizziness and throwing up, moody and tired but no breast tendrness..i took 2 hpt this week and they were neg, i had a blood test and it was neg also but i have the feeling it was too soon..i got my period but it wasnt like usual, im not sure if im just havimg my period because i took out my b/c method..i dont wna get my hopes up but these symptoms make me think i am prego..has anyone gone through something like this? Btw, my twin sister was on the depo shot and became prego they did 2 blood tests and they were both neg, she found out she was prego when she was 5months due to movement..she didnt experience any symptoms at all.