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My wife is pragent last 8week ....then she have ultrasound....the doctor of onrebal ultrasound told us that it's miscarrige .......its not heart beat..... Then i counstalt to doctor ... She told its not improvel.... So u have dnc.... I want to know how many days i will heart beat ?......or dnc... Give me ans.. Me n my wife is so disturb for many days wate for heart beat or dnc..


Hi Amitd,

You can usually see the heartbeat, on an ultrasound, around 6 weeks.  Sometimes though iIt can take a little longer. 

Usually they'll retest in a week or so, just to verify that there is no heartbeat.  Sometimes the estimates of age are off a bit.  Your doctor should also be monitoring hCG levels, the pregnancy hormone, and looking for a gestational sac on the ultrasound.

We can't second guess your doctors, they've examined her.

If there is no fetal heartbeat and the hCG levels are decreasing then it is likely she'll miscarry.  Do you have to rush in and do the D&C, not usually right away.  She should miscarry at some point if the fetus in non-viable.

You can ALWAYS get a second opinion.

Good luck.