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Hello ladies (and occassional men),

Any input or help is appreciated...

I am 6 weeks, 1 day pregnant. On Monday (@ 5wks 5 days pregnant) I went to the hospital for light spotting, they did a blood test and checked my hcg levels, hcg came back at 11,000. Today is Friday (same week, I am now 6wks 1day) I woke up with heavier spotting and period like cramps. I went back to the hospital, they did a pelvic exam, and blood work. The ER DR told me I was not bleeding because my cervix wasn't open. I told him that I was definitely bleeding (enough to spot my underwear and pad the ER nurse gave me) and he told me that he knew for certain that I was not bleeding because he was looking at my cervix and it wasn't open. He told me that if I was indeed miscarrying there wasn't anything they could do for me anyway and that I would need to just wait it out; then he sent me home. My HCG levels came back at 30,000, the ER DR did not order an ultrasound because I had one Monday (4 days ago) when I was at the hospital for the same thing. We are new to our area so I don't have a family doctor to follow up with yet.

My question is this...I have only been home for 3hrs and my spotting has subsided a little, but my cramping is getting worse by the 1/2hr. I feel the pain equally in my back as I do in my uterus. The stong cramps come and go but I have this constant knawing pain in my lower back (similar to period back pain). Is it possible that I could be in the early stages of a miscarriage even though my hcg levels were 30,000 this morning? Or, is it possible I could be carrying twins? I read somewhere bleeding with high hcg levels could be a sign of twins.

Any help is appreciated. This is our first pregnancy and we aren't sure what to expect or what is normal. My experience this morning was very disheartening, I don't feel I was taken seriously.

Thank you for the help.




Hi Annie,

You CAN have some light spotting or bleeding and cramping early in pregnancy, the first trimester.   It's normal.

The hCG levels are in the range for 6 weeks along but the levels alone are not a good indicator of multiple fetuses.  That they are rising is a good sign.

It's impossible to say if you are going to miscarry at this point with the information given.  Assuming you had a normal ultrasound and the fetal heartbeat was strong and fast then it would appear unlikely.  I do wish the doctor had assessed the fetal heartbeat this time around.

I urge you to find an obstetrician that you are comfortable with quickly.  You need consistent prenatal care.  With one doctor he/she will follow your case closely and be able to determine if there are any problems much earlier than someone that has never seen you before.

Good luck.








Thank you Dan,

My ultrasound (transvaginal) on Monday (5wks, 5days) only revealed a sac. The doctor said it was too early to see an embryo, therefore no heartbeat detected. I do appreciate the feedback. Any clarity helps.

Thank you


OK, they saw the sac. Sometimes they can see the fetal pole or detect a heartbeat at 5 1/2 weeks or so but it's not unusual that they didn't - yet.

Hang in there.