have had quite a few miscarriages ----
so I'll start at the beginning of this current pregnancy my cycles are pretty much anywhere from 32-40 days my last period was on feb 24th (this is the first somewhat normal pregnancy I have had where my hcg levels are going up normally, and something is inside the sac)
I had gotten my hcg levels drawn on march 31st they were 22
april 2 they were 57 (doubling like normal)

April 11th i had gone in to the emergency because of light pink spotting (it only lasted an hour tops and had stopped) they did an ultrasound and said i was measuring at 4 weeks..
ALL THEY COULD SEE was the gestational sac and my HCG levels were 2,029 (still good and normal)
The 22nd of april i went in and had an ultrasound done (still not knowing how far exactly I am) I had seen the gestational sac, yolksac, and a small line above the yolksac ( i think it might be the baby but it was so tiny i could barely see it ) so we did not see the heartbeat
My hcg levels that day were 19,489. (really high for the 5th week)
During the ultrasound the damn tech didn't say anything what so ever to me (NOTHING) according to the internet everything looks normal and it should be to early to see the heartbeat expecially with the sac being at 4 weeks on the 11th. (my doctors have thoes records from the hospital)
But according to my doctor there might be something wrong....
I am just confused because the fact that it went from having nothing to having a yolksac is good within 11 days right?
Does anyone think this is going normally? I am just worried about another miscarriage and i know my ultrasound is only 2 days away but i am so nervious....

HAS ANYONE had this happen to them? 19,000 hcg is the 6th week of pregnancy is there any way everything could be fine and the heartbeat just did not show up yet? That maybe my hcg levels are abnormally high?? Please someone help me or give me a clue as to what is happening....
They rescheduled an ultrasound for tuesday the 27th but the doctor has left me clueless and worried and i dont know to trust my instincts or what....