Hi there

My story starts about 10 days ago on Sunday 14th when I started with slight bleeding. This gradually got more red in colour, with small clots so I got an emergency ultrasound for Tuesday 16th which allegedly discovered a 2mm fetal pole with no yolk or heartbeat, none of which were inidicative of a 9 week pregnancy. I was therefore informed that I was either miscarriaging, or I had my date seriously wrong.

I went back today for the comparison scan, only to be told that the fetus had only grown by 1mm, the gestational sac had also grown slightly, but there was now an additional shadow which they think was one of 2 things... either a 2nd fetal pole, or the yolk breaking down due to the miscarriage.

I am now having the HCG blood tests, but in the meantime, I think they have got it massively wrong. Bearing in mind there was only 1 thing in the sac last week (i.e. fetus), could that have been the yolk rather than the fetus? This week, could the 2nd thing they saw actually be the fetus and could it be that that they hadn't actually seen it on the last scan?

All help appreciated.