I've been going through the wringer emotionally it's now been exactly a month since I got my BFP and I'm stressed to the max . First blood draw indicated HCG LEVELS were at 1000 2 1/2 days later they were 2000 then 4 1/2 they went to 6000 (progesterone went through some changes 5, 9 then 18) then Saturday 9 days ago I got my results from the Friday blood draw and I had dropped HCG to 3700 and progesterone to 6 I obviously flipped out called everyone and went to ER . They refused to do an u/s because I was not bleeding. But blood tests indicated that within1 day ( because I had blood drawn on Friday and then er on Saturday when I picked up results ) HCG HAD DOUBLED back to where it almost was around 6500 and progesterone was 9. Had ultrasound for baby Monday June 23 and saw fetal pole, yolk n gestational sac, no heartbeat recorded with intrauterine but when she did outside read she said there was a flicker but couldn't record it! Said I was measuring at 6 weeks. No blood draws until today July 1 2014 and my HCG FINALLY went up some to 8700 but progesterone was at 6?? Wtfffffffff Dr has been very mean says basically I'm carrying dead embryo and I have another u/s on Thursday 7/3/14 Has anyone had anything like this? I hate to get upset over a damn number but numbers don't lie I've heard. Also no bleeding or pain, very sleepy exhausted even, with insomnia no appetite sore breasts and slight tugging feeling in uterus/hip area. Please this is my first tell me good news