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My husband and I had sex today. We used a condom and he ejaculated in it. I hadn't finished yet, so he took the condom off so I could finish. He said he didn't get off again, but I always worry if no condom is on. So is it possible I could get pregnant after he already ejaculated? We already have 2 beautiful children, but no way we could afford a 3rd.


Hi tmbh,

After he ejaculated and removed the condom there would be SEMEN in his urethra, not precum but SEMEN with sperm.  Just inserting it into your vagina would "squeeze" this semen into your vagina.  Yes there is a chance of pregnancy.  It only takes one sperm and there would be a lot more than that.

Always use protection ALL the time.

Emergency contraceptives might be an option;

Good luck.