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On Tuesday May 19th my crush and I had unprotected sex. And he didn't cum inside me. But he is scared of precum. Before he put it in I gave him a blowjob and ha****b. Could I possibly be pregnant? He pulled out. But I don't think that he pulled out with the precum.


Hi Lexi,

I'm going to assume that he ejaculated either during the blowjob or the ha****b.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Sperm, not precum, sperm woud be in his urethra.  Just inserting his penis into your vagina would squeeze this out and deposit it into your vagina.  It only takes one sperm for you to get pregnant.

Emergency contraceptives (Plan B, Ipill, etc) are effective when used within 72 hours.

Otherwise, just wait for your period.  The odds of pregnancy when everything is "perfect" is about 1 in 5.

Good luck.