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I'm 16 and I finished my period yesterday and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend tonight. I gave him a blow job and then about 30 minutes later we had sex. He didn't pee between the two times. But he did not cum inside me. Can I get pregnant since he didn't pee?


Hi Pregnant,

Yes you can get pregnant.

Did he ejaculate from the blowjob?  If so there was semen, not precum, but semen with sperm in his urethra.  He can't clean that out.

Just inserting his penis can squeeze any semen into your vagina.  It only takes one sperm.

It also depends upon when you ovulate  Since you just finiished your period your fertility is INCREASING rapidly.  You're better off having sex just BEFORE your period is due, within about a week, then you are having sex AFTER your period starts.

Plan B or another emergency contraceptive is an option for you.

Good luck.